The vibes are alive! I am Ras Irie. I was born and raised in the rough city of Cleveland Ohio. I am currently a student at The Ohio Media School for Broadcasting where I am expanding my knowledge in the field. I have a passion for African heritage, nature, art and above all music. Blogging was never something I saw myself doing, EVER. My mind races at such a pace that writing/typing becomes a struggle because I find myself wanting to put all of my thoughts out at one time without placing them in some sort of structural order. When it comes to topics that really touch me, I get very particular with how and even when things are said especially when it comes to MUSIC! I’m a very particular person when it comes to music; how I listen, when I listen, WHO I listen to are all important to me. When you find out what’s important to you, blogging all of a sudden seems like a great idea (whether you doubt your abilities or not). Welcome to IRIE where my favorite forms of art will be presented and appreciated. I hope that you yourselves will find joy in what I find appreciable.