Irie Vibes. ONLY.

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What’s a perfect formal introduction? I have no idea. After a few posts though, I figured it’s better late than never to get some common ground on what could be expected on this site where the music sets the vibes. I am Thomas DeScott, raised in Cleveland Ohio with a passion for African heritage, literature and above all music. Music, how I LOVE this word and everything that comes with it, especially the kind that creates a vibe the soul can grow with. I’m a current student at THEE Ohio Media School and I am loving every bit of my hands on journey towards being a broad force in the oh so broad world of broadcasting.


As mentioned I have a passion for African heritage, as I am a proud Rasta. Natural in all that I do and striving for peace and OVERstanding in this Babylonian western civilization. Nature, natural food from the earth, natural living and love are what stir my soul. I want to share this with everyone that I come in contact with.



I’ll be primarily┬áreviewing and discussing with the help of my audience, black artists who aren’t in the mainstream spotlight. There will be no specific genre discussed, as all forms of music have beauty in them. I have no issues with artist who are in the mainstream spotlights, but I love sharing talents from those that are considered “underground” and/or “independent”. Overall I want to bring great discussion to the table while opening eyes to new even old artists alike that create an IRIE vibe. Irie; goodness and pleasing.

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